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The fastest ambulatory EMR/PM built for small practices.

Top Rated Aprima EMR

Aprima was named the 2018 and 2019 Best in KLAS Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM software (1-10 physicians). Aprima serves physicians in primary care and more than 70 specialties with a fast, flexible design that adapts automatically to a physician’s workflow and sets the benchmark for ease-of use, speed and flexibility.

Aprima software emphasizes speed and ease of use, allowing healthcare providers to input patient data quickly and accurately,leveraging a single application built on a single database fully integrated with practice management (billing) functionality.

The Aprima suite includes EHR, Practice Management, and Revenue Cycle Management and is suitable for any sized practice.  Focusing on a clinician-centered approach, Aprima has no charting templates, allowing providers to save time and chart the way they were trained to, and the software learns clinicians’ preferences as they work.  Aprima provides a range of EHR functionalities, including billing management, e-prescribing, patient portal and lab integration, and meets the requirements for MIPS.

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Good software can only take you so far.  Issues can happen with any software and you don’t have time to deal with trying to troubleshoot on your own.  In addition, EMR systems like Aprima continue to add features and capability to keep up with MIPS requirements and streamline clinical and billing workflows. 

When you need help, contact our certified Aprima specialists with any questions you may have.  Our support team can help you get the most out of your Aprima investment.


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Aprima LITE Pricing

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Aprima’s CHC solution includes all the tools your practice needs to address uniform data system (UDS) reporting and tracking requirements, meet FQHC guidelines and bill per Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance requirements.  In addition, sliding fee schedules are easy to create and maintain, and CHC-specific demographic information is captured within the standard user workflow.

Aprima’s ability to handle multi-specialty care within a single patient record makes it possible for providers and other clinicians to make updates, resulting in patients’ records being a longitudinal view of their care.


Aprima’s all-in-one solution integrates patient care and advanced EHR technology including:
• Referral tracking
• Data-driven diagnoses
• Case management
• Patient reminders for preventive care
• Prescription sample dispensing
• ePrescribing
• Performance reporting
• Information exchange, education and health maintenance tools

When I hear from docs that they stay two hours at night at the end of their patient day or after they put their kids to sleep, that’s inconceivable to me because in seven plus years, that has never once happened.



With Aprima Replication, I don’t have to worry if I have an Internet connection or not. I visit my nursing home patients daily and never have to worry about having a connection on site. When back online, all the work for the day is automatically uploaded and I’m done.


Wound Care Specialist

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Kno2 Cloud eFaxing Services

Faxing has long been the defacto standard of data sharing in healthcare, but has also been an inefficient and problematic technology. Incoming faxes often require sorting, scanning, indexing, shredding and work inside the EHR to complete the process. Kno2 eliminates most of these steps through the advanced integration with Aprima. A received fax is quickly reviewed for quality, and through just a few mouse clicks, assigned to the correct patient, visit, order, or linked to a task for review.

Outbound fax challenges that plague most offices have also been addressed. Issues such as busy signals, wasted time waiting for faxes to send, disrupted transmissions, and fax resends have been minimized through Kno2’s advanced fax management services.

AutoRemind Patient Reminder & Engagement

  • Text, Phone, and Email options
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple messages per appointment
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Caller ID Intelligent messaging
  • Does not require hardware purchase/installation
  • No long term contracts
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