Medisoft V22 is Here

Several new features add tracking and eligibility checking to help you target areas of lost revenue.

CPT Code Search

  • Easy CPT lookups within Medisoft
  • Integrated librarly ensures up-to-date content to bill accurately
  • Easy process for updating codes year-to-year and maintain compliance with AMA* 

*The CPT® is licensed from the American Medical Association.  Any direct or indirect user must have an authorized license renewed annually to be compliant.  For more information, please go to the AMA web site to review details.

Accounts Receivable Tracker


Ties together AR management into one cohesive workflow


Advanced filtering to trackand collect Insurance and patient balances


Drill-down capability to work outstanding balances with worklist functionality


Assign status, task, or notes to Patient Records, Claims, and Patient Statements


Create and assign tasks to staff for daily/weekly follow-up


AR Status reflected in Office Hours


Enhanced Eligibility Checking

With the shift in payment responsibility to patients, it’s important to get up to date eligibility benefits information at or before the time of service. Medisoft V22 now includes real-time eligibility checks for TriZetto EDI.

Expanded Medisoft Mobile

Medisoft Mobile now includes a brand new  user interface, new levels of customization for your superbills and patient questionnaires, and support for  Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

Remit Processing Improvements

Medisoft has been upgraded to allow partial posting for batch remittances and you can print an EOB for a single claim. New filtering options make it easier to find claims that are ready to post and make you more efficient.

Claims Status Checking

Now you can initiate a true claim status check through your EDI clearinghouse and receive an electronic response in Medisoft that updates the status of claims making it even easier to know if you’re going to be paid.
Medisoft Billing Software
Medisoft is still the most popular patient accounting software in the industry. 

Superior Billing

In a small practice, every bit of revenue counts. You need a practice solution that reduces the administrative burden of your practice while helping to improve patient care and reimbursement.

Way Beyond Claims

Real-time eligibility checking verifies patient coverage and payments, and automatic remittance posting substantially reduces the administration of registering and reconciling insurance payements.

Easy Patient Scheduler

Customers have always loved  Office Hours patient scheduling, and with Medisoft Mobile application scheduling patient appointments has never been easier or more accessible.

Cloud Hosting Services

Access Medisoft Anywhere...Anytime
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Great Features Already Available in Medisoft

Integrated Patient Reminders

  • Powerful feature that will call, email, or text patients based on preference
  • Fully automated…integrated into Medisoft Office Hours patient schedule
  • Improves patient satisfaction by helping them take control of their schedule
  • Relieves staff time while generating revenues for the practice

How much revenue do you lose because “patients forgot”?


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Medisoft V21 AutoRemind Patient Reminder

ICD-10 Search Tool

  • Key improvement to meet the stricter coding requirements released in October 2016
  • Improves coding accuracy resulting in fewer rejected claims
  • Fast & intuitive tool with anatomical references
Medisoft V21 ICD-10 Search

Online Appointment Scheduler

  • Users directed to web portal that links to Medisoft Office Hours
  • Patients can schedule based on their preference
  • Convenient for patients and staff
  • Frees up staff time that can be used in more important areas
  • Sites can embed scheduling link on own web site
Medisoft V21 Online Scheduling

Practice Cleanup Utility

  • Unilateral (across transactions) write-off tool completed by date, billing code and dollar amount
  • Gain accurate practice management reporting with complete audit trail
  • Excellent feature for clients who have used Medisoft over many years
Medisoft V21 Billing Software

Experience the best of both worlds with a combined Medisoft Clinical EMR/PM solution that enables your office to easily:

      • Share demographic information across Medisoft to eliminate redundant data entry
      • Automatically inform the nurse in the exam room area when a patient is ready for his/her appointment to save staff time
      • Create an electronic encounter form that is auto populated with ICD-10 codes based on the provider’s SOAP notes
      • Complete the entire chart from a single progress note

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get training, unlimited support, and installation included in my purchase?
Yes!  We offer monthly subscription services that will allow you to bundle the latest Medisoft software along with installation, nighly automated datab backups, and unlimited technical support, and training.  Just ask us for a monthly subscription quotation.
What kind of support and training is available for Medisoft?
Maritec has a full team of technical and end-user training professionals available to support the installation and training for your staff. All support needs are fully covered for 30 days after installation with long-term support and training available through additional service extensions.
How many physicians use Medisoft?
Believe it or not, over 60,000 physicians use Medisoft every day to run their practice. Some things just don’t get old!
Is it easy to upgrade to Medisoft Network Professional or Clinical EMR?

Absolutely! If purchasing Medisoft Advanced, you can easily move up to Network Professional and onto Medisoft Clinical EMR when the time comes.

We’ll be ready when you are.

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