Medisoft EHR

Multiple Options to Fit Your Practice

Cloud-Based Medisoft EHR

+  Work from anywhere

+ No server…no software…no problems!

+  Easier to upgrade

+  Lower upfront costs

Server-Based Medisoft EHR

+ Control your operation

+  Wider range of customization

+  Data security

+  Lower cost long-term

EHR Can Be Challenging

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Medisoft Clinical EHR (Server-Based)

Experience the best of both worlds with a combined Medisoft Clinical EHR/Medisoft PM solution that enables your office to easily:

      • Share demographic information across Medisoft to eliminate redundant data entry
      • Automatically inform the nurse in the exam room area when a patient is ready for his/her appointment to save staff time
      • Create an electronic encounter form that is automatically populated with ICD-10 codes based on the provider’s SOAP notes
      • Complete the entire chart from a single progress note

Low Long-Term Costs




Speciality Customization


Cloud Hosting Services

Access Medisoft Anywhere...Anytime
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Patient Chart

  • Get all the up-to-date information in the comprehensive patient chart.
  • Updated fields highlight with blue status.
  • Intiutive layout that can be customized to preference.


  • Physicians also are able to quickly see overdue orders and track each order by patient, status and expected time for a result to return.
  • Medisoft Clinical EHR automatically update order status with incoming results.

Provider Dashboard

  • View critical information — including messages, incoming results and a daily patient schedule — in one place.
  • Review bin provides at-a-glance viewing of notes, docs and lab results.

Medisoft Clinical Physician Tools

  • Analyzes the note with a sophisticated coding advisor for Evaluation and Management (E&M) codes.
  • Load transcribed text and populate the entire patient chart including the problem list, medication list, medical histories and vital signs. 
  • Customize chart viewing by physician to allow provider (and specialty) specific views for charts, chart summaries and flow charts.


  • Medisoft Clinical EHR electronic prescribing (via SureScripts®) improves patient safety and speeds new Rx and refill workflow.
  • Physicians and other providers use thousands of prescription templates and a comprehensive database of drug costs and checks — drug interaction, drug/allergy, drug/disease, drug/diagnosis — in addition to proactive dose advice.
  • Medisoft Clinical EHR now offers electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) with Dr. First as an add-on capability.

HL7 Lab Interfaces

  • Why manually scan and enter everything into Medisoft Clinical EHR when you can receive lab results electronically?
  • Labs can be automatically pulled into patient notes.
  • Results can be graphed with trend over time using flowcharts. 
  • Available Lab Interface Configurations
    1. Inbound (Inbound Standard Results)
    2. Outbound (Lab Orders)
    3. Bidirectional Lab Interface (Inbound Results and Outbound Orders)

Practice Choice (Cloud-Based) EHR

Practice Choice EHR is a web-based solution designed for today’s practicing physician.  Take advantage of the cloud capabilities in Practice Choice while maintaing a link to Medisoft.

Low Setup Costs


Bridge to Medisoft


ONC Certified


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