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Windows 10 Creator Update Issues Being Reported (4/17/17)

Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 Creators Update that is causing issues with the Medisoft configuration settings.  The Windows 10 Creators Update released in March 2017, includes 3D in Windows 10, built-in game broadcasting, new tab management features and more in Microsoft Edge, and enhanced security features such as a new Microsoft privacy dashboard.  As part of the security enhancements, Windows re-enables Windows Defender and user account control, both of which are known to hinder performance or use of Medisoft.

What Does the Issue Look Like?

If you install the update, when you try to launch Medisoft Practice Management, it will show the typical Medisoft splash screen displaying the version followed by a pop-up window message stating “Medisoft has stopped responding. Windows is looking for a solution”.  The window will show a green loading bar and after attempting to resolve will then state “Medisoft has stopped responding.  Please close the program”.  After receiving these prompts the user will be forced to close the program.


What actions can you take to avoid this issue?  

If you own a Windows 10 PC and have Windows automatic updates enabled or are prompted to download the Windows 10 Creators Update, simply “decline” or “deselect” the option to perform the update.  You do not need to apply this update.

If you purchase a new Windows 10 PC, then the Creators Update should already be installed.  Maritec Medical will adjust the configurations needed upon installing Medisoft onto your new PC.  

Further Issues or Concerns?

Call Maritec Medical Support at 440-899-7067 x1.

WebView Migration (3/1/2017)

After the successful migration of Webview to the e-MDs server infrastructure on October 31, 2016 we are now at a stage where we need to replace the URL going forward.

On March 1st the McKesson URL ( for accessing Webview will no longer forward. After that date only the eMDs URL ( will be directing traffic to Webview. Due to this the actions below, if not already taken, are required to ensure no negative impact to your patient’s access.  Update the PMSIWebView variable from to in your networkingconfig.ini configuration file. The networkingconfig.ini file is located in your ppart folder on your Practice application server.

If you are using the default SMTP server setup (meaning the SMTP variable in your ppart networkconfig.ini configuration file is not set) update your Webview email sender address to as follows:
– Login to your WebView as the Site Administrator
– In the Setup area, click Message Notifications.
– Click the Save
– After saving, the email templates are updated with the new sender address (

We also suggest the following be completed:
– Remind your patients to use your new Webview URL and to update any favorites they use. Note the only change in the URL is that mckesson is replaced with emds.
– Review your practice websites and documentation. If you have links to update the links to replace mckesson with emds.

At present time both the and URLs will continue to function however we do plan to discontinue the use of the reference in the as of March 1st, 2017 .

Clinical 11.0 Patch (2/3/2017)

Patch Bundle Name: 11 Patches 2/3/2017
Version: 11.0

Defect Summary:

195079 CQM – Data elements (ICD10 codes, Lab codes) in measures are causing Cypress errors due to space padding with Oracle & SQL DBs.

195076 CQM – The QRDA 1 reports are failing to include the NPI values for Oracle and SQL databases.

195066 CQM – Change age range displays for measures #126 and #155 due to inconsistency with CMS.