Medisoft Software Updates

Downloads, Links, and Important Announcements.

Medisoft Downloads

Download and install the latest Medisoft software updates to evaluate before buying. Once you’ve had a chance to confirm your purchase, we will send you the activation serial number.

Things to keep in mind before installing:

  • Medisoft software programs can be used for up to 30 days without a valid serial number.
  • Always have a valid backup before attempting an update or upgrade to an existing install.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the installation process, it is highly recommended to contact Maritec support for assistance.
  • These links are provided as a courtesy, Maritec assumes no responsibility for actions taken by customers acting on their own.
  • Useful Links

    NPI Registry: The NPI Registry Public Search is a free directory of all active National Provider Identifier (NPI) records

    CMS MIPS Lookup: Use the CMS MIPS Lookup to check if you need to submit data to MIPS.

    CMS Quality Payment Program: The Quality Payment Program provides improvements to Medicare payments via the MIPS and APM payment programs.

    Important Announcements
    Reminder: Medisoft and Lytec Mobile MUST Be Updated By End of Year
    With the announcement of General Availability of Medisoft 22 and Lytec 2018, the new Mobile 3.1 release is now available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores. Mobile 3.x will work with Medisoft 21 or higher, and Lytec 2017 or higher. The new features in Mobile 3.1 will only be enabled with Medisoft 22 or Lytec 2018.

    eMDs will no longer be supporting previous versions of the Medisoft and Lytec Mobile applications (1.x and 2.x) after December 31st, 2017. Please make sure that your practices have updated their mobile applications prior to that date.

    Announcing the Release of Medisoft and Lytec Mobile 3.0
    eMDs is excited to announce the release of Mobile 3.0 for Medisoft and Lytec, which will be submitted to the Apple Store/Google Play for download on Tuesday, Oct. 3. Users should be able to download the 3.0 application shortly after submission.

    For customers wanting to upgrade, the 3.0 mobile application will be compatible with Medisoft versions 21 and 22 (upcoming release), and with Lytec 2017 and 2018 (upcoming release). If customers do not plan to upgrade to one of these versions, but still intend to utilize the mobile application for the rest of 2017, they will need to back up their mobile devices so that they are able to restore their mobile application if it automatically upgrades to the 3.0 version of the application. Please note that we will not continue to support versions older than 3.0 after December 31st, 2017.

    Practice Choice EMR Sunset (6/15/17)

    eMDs has made an official decision to sunset Practice Choice. There are several reasons for this decision.

    eMDs acquired the product and quickly determined the platform it was built on is outdated and not sustainable. In order to provide the best long-term solution for Choice customers, we feel that it is better for you to have a pathway to other eMDs products. These offer richer functionality and can support your practice through continued industry changes.

    How Will This Impact Your Practice?
    Existing Practice Choice customers will be required to migrate to a new EHR/PM system. Depending on your product needs and requirements, eMDs has several options in our portfolio.

    A representative from your value-added reseller will reach out to you over the next few weeks to discuss migration options and next steps.

    What is the Timing for the Sunset?
    Customers requiring a 2015 certified solution implemented and live by starting Jan. 1, 2018 for EHR incentive program purposes must have completed their move by December 31, 2017. All customers should plan to move to their new system by 3/31/2018. eMDs will keep Practice Choice available until 4/30/2018 so that customers can reference their data and work down AR.

    Action Items:
    Please join the eMDs Executive team on Wednesday, June 28 for an in-depth discussion of the sunsetting process and migration options. We will be available to answer your questions and concerns. Click here to register for the event.

    eMDs has compiled a list of what we believe will be the most commonly asked questions. We encourage you to download and read this document prior to the webinar.

    Click here to view the FAQ.

    Formulary Expansion (5/23/2017)

    • Related Issue: 6/12/2017 Practice Partner Formulary file size increase
    • Release impacted: V11 and V11.1
    • Customer impact: In order to apply the 6/12/2017 Practice Partner Formulary set, please be certain you have enough space to account for 85 GB more file system space.

    eMDs Support has been made aware of an increase in the size of the Practice Partner Formulary files that will require an additional 85 GB of space to allow for download and deployment. On 6/12/2017, we will post this new Formulary set for download. Please ensure that you have the space available to accept the new Formulary set and if not, take action to ensure this is in place by your first initiated Formulary download on or after 6/12/2017.

    Windows 10 Creator Update Issues Being Reported (4/17/17)

    Microsoft recently released the Windows 10 Creators Update that is causing issues with the Medisoft configuration settings.  The Windows 10 Creators Update released in March 2017, includes 3D in Windows 10, built-in game broadcasting, new tab management features and more in Microsoft Edge, and enhanced security features such as a new Microsoft privacy dashboard.  As part of the security enhancements, Windows re-enables Windows Defender and user account control, both of which are known to hinder performance or use of Medisoft.

    What Does the Issue Look Like?

    If you install the update, when you try to launch Medisoft Practice Management, it will show the typical Medisoft splash screen displaying the version followed by a pop-up window message stating “Medisoft has stopped responding. Windows is looking for a solution”.  The window will show a green loading bar and after attempting to resolve will then state “Medisoft has stopped responding.  Please close the program”.  After receiving these prompts the user will be forced to close the program.

    What actions can you take to avoid this issue?  

    If you own a Windows 10 PC and have Windows automatic updates enabled or are prompted to download the Windows 10 Creators Update, simply “decline” or “deselect” the option to perform the update.  You do not need to apply this update.

    If you purchase a new Windows 10 PC, then the Creators Update should already be installed.  Maritec Medical will adjust the configurations needed upon installing Medisoft onto your new PC.  

    Further Issues or Concerns?

    Call Maritec Medical Support at 440-899-7067 x1.

    WebView Migration (3/1/2017)

    After the successful migration of Webview to the e-MDs server infrastructure on October 31, 2016 we are now at a stage where we need to replace the URL going forward.

    On March 1st the McKesson URL ( for accessing Webview will no longer forward. After that date only the eMDs URL ( will be directing traffic to Webview. Due to this the actions below, if not already taken, are required to ensure no negative impact to your patient’s access.  Update the PMSIWebView variable from to in your networkingconfig.ini configuration file. The networkingconfig.ini file is located in your ppart folder on your Practice application server.

    If you are using the default SMTP server setup (meaning the SMTP variable in your ppart networkconfig.ini configuration file is not set) update your Webview email sender address to as follows:
    – Login to your WebView as the Site Administrator
    – In the Setup area, click Message Notifications.
    – Click the Save
    – After saving, the email templates are updated with the new sender address (

    We also suggest the following be completed:
    – Remind your patients to use your new Webview URL and to update any favorites they use. Note the only change in the URL is that mckesson is replaced with emds.
    – Review your practice websites and documentation. If you have links to update the links to replace mckesson with emds.

    At present time both the and URLs will continue to function however we do plan to discontinue the use of the reference in the as of March 1st, 2017 .

    Clinical 11.0 Patch (2/3/2017)

    Patch Bundle Name: 11 Patches 2/3/2017
    Version: 11.0

    Defect Summary:

    195079 CQM – Data elements (ICD10 codes, Lab codes) in measures are causing Cypress errors due to space padding with Oracle & SQL DBs.

    195076 CQM – The QRDA 1 reports are failing to include the NPI values for Oracle and SQL databases.

    195066 CQM – Change age range displays for measures #126 and #155 due to inconsistency with CMS.